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Android SDK Download

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v2.3.0 Download Changelog

Android SDK
Java API Client

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v2.2.0 Download Changelog
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v2.0.0 Download Changelog
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v1.0.0 Download Changelog



  • Fix Google+ login for Android API Level 23 and higher. See Basic Usage for notes on onRequestPermissionsResult Activity method.
  • Revert Google Play Services version to 7.8.0.
  • Add support to login with email and password. See Basic Usage for more information.
  • Add User model fields: email_address, username, confirmed, active, data.
  • Add Profile model fields: courses, certifications, picture_urls.
  • Improve User model cache to persist all fields.


  • Add native Twitter login via Fabric (Version 1.8.0).
  • Require specific providers to be explicitly configured before initLogin calls. See Basic Usage for more information.
  • The initLogin API method no longer throws SocialIdException. Note, however, that it may still raise IllegalStateException if called without prior provider configuration.


  • Update Facebook SDK dependency to latest 4.7.0 version.
  • Update Google Play Services version to 8.1.0.
  • Update Android SDK minimum version to 15.
  • Update Android SDK target version to 23.
  • Deprecate Activity parameter of onActivityResult API method.


  • Make sender_id configuration optional for projects that won't use Push Notifications.


  • Update Android SDK minimum version to 9.
  • Update Social.config and add configurations for the SocialId login process (SocialId.configLogin) and specific provider login processes (SocialId.configLoginProvider).
  • Drop support to most v1 APIs and add support to OAuth based v2 APIs.
  • Remove support for automatic configuration of Twitter and Linkedin apps. OAuth keys for them must be informed in the assets/ file.
  • Simplify Google+ login configuration.
  • Update Facebook SDK dependency to latest 3.x version.
  • Rename SocialIdSDKException to SocialIdException.


  • Added missing method to get the login_token for the current sign in (SocialId.getCurrentLoginToken()).


  • First public version with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ support.
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