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Deprecation notice: these APIs have been deprecated since July 19, 2018.

The CoffeeBean Identity and Access Platform allows the creation of custom Webforms to be used in marketing campaigns or any information collector in websites.

Webforms are integrated into the Social Login and can be described by a 3-step workflow:

  • User identification through Social Login or e-mail based registration.
  • User filling out custom forms.
  • Registration confirmations, with notification that can be customized in the platform.

The platform delivers a customizable widget that automatically performs the steps above. However, if you need a more flexible customization of the interface, the platform provides an API to allow an easier integration. See also the Social Login APIs.


A Webform can have one or more registrations for the same user identified through Social Login or e-mail. This option can be customized during Webform set up.

Resource Description
POST campaigns/:campaign_id/registrations Creates a new registration in the Social Login Webform, according to the custom field definition.
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