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Create an App on Facebook

You can create a new Facebook App here: https://developers.facebook.com/apps/

Configure a Facebook App for Social Login

On your Facebook App Settings page configure the following:

  • Add a Website Platform. Configure Site URL as:
  • Configure App Domains with the following domain:

Configure a Facebook App for Automatic Facebook Login

Automatic Facebook Login uses the Facebook SDK for Javascript in order to identify the current login status of the user. To use Facebook SDK you'll need to configure your own domain on App Domains of your Facebook App settings.

Since you already have a Social Login configured for this Facebook App, your Site URL will already be in use. So, in order to configure a new domain, you will need to configure it as Mobile Site URL:

  • Configure Mobile Site URL with your domain
  • Add your domain to App Domains

Besides Site URL and Mobile Site URL, alternatively you can configure Canvas URL, Secure Canvas URL, Page Tab URL or Secure Page Tab URL, once the App Domains should derive from these URLs.

Configure a Facebook App on Social-ID for Customer Identity Platform

You can create a new Social App on your Social-ID Marketing Account accessing this page: https://app.socialidnow.com/marketing/social_apps

You need just to add your Facebook App ID and App Secret to the Social App.

When you create a new Social Login you can use this Social App to authenticate your users on Facebook. This way you can use your brand to ask permissions to capture user's data.

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