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Resource Description
GET groups Searches for Groups.
POST groups Creates a Group.
GET groups/:group_id Returns a Group.
PUT groups/:group_id Updates a Group.
DELETE groups/:group_id Removes a Group.

Group Users

Resource Description
GET groups/:group_id/users Searches for Users in a Group.
POST groups/:group_id/users Adds a User to a Group.
DELETE groups/:group_id/users/:user_id Removes a User from a Group.

Group Parents

Resource Description
GET groups/:group_id/parent_groups Searches for Group Parents of a Group.
POST groups/:group_id/parent_groups Adds a Group Parent to a Group.
DELETE groups/:group_id/parent_groups/:parent_group_id Removes a Group Parent from a Group.

Group Children

Resource Description
GET groups/:group_id/child_groups Searches for Group Children of a Group.

Group Managers

Resource Description
GET groups/:group_id/manager_groups Searches for Group Managers of a Group.
POST groups/:group_id/manager_groups Adds a Group Manager to a Group.
DELETE groups/:group_id/manager_groups/:manager_group_id Removes a Group Manager from a Group.

Group Managees

Resource Description
GET groups/:group_id/managed_groups Searches for Group Managees of a Group.
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