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The IBM Universal Behavior Exchange is an open exchange that makes it easy to share customer data between certified solutions. The Social-ID integration with IBM UBX allows you to leverage social login events and social profiles to be easily used across different marketing applications.

Available Events

Social-ID for Customer Identity platform currently integrates with the following UBX events:

Connected to social channel (Social Events)

  • Event Code: connectedSocial
  • Namespace:
  • Identifiers: social_id, email, facebook_id[1], gplus_id, linkedin_id[1], twitter_id
  • Attributes: eventId, eventName, description, brandTag, socialPlatform, contactConsent

Contact Update (Engage Contact Update Event)

  • Event Code: contactUpdate
  • Namespace: com.ibmmarketingcloud.engage
  • Identifiers: social_id, email, facebook_id[1], gplus_id, linkedin_id[1], twitter_id
  • Attributes[2]: SocialId, Email, SocialIdProfileURL, Birthday, PictureURL, Gender, RelationshipStatus, CurrentLocation, Religion, Locale, Industry, FirstName, LastName, WorkPosition, Company, TwitterId, FacebookId, GplusId, LinkedInId, TwitterHandle, GplusHandle, contactConsent, user data attributes and clustering features attributes (using FeatureLabel name pattern).

[1]: App-scoped ID, i.e., the ID namespace is unique per social app and not for the entire social network.

[2]: Most of these attribute names can be customized when the Engagement Engine channel is configured.

How To Integrate with IBM UBX

  • On Social-ID for Customer Identity Platform
    • On Account Settings
      • Take note of API id and API secret from API page
    • On Campaign Engine > Campaigns
      • Create a new campaign using: Social Login - Sign In or Social Login - Profile Update as a trigger; All contacts as a filter; and UBX Integration as a channel, choosing an event type
  • On UBX
    • On Endpoints tab
      • Register a new Social-ID endpoint choosing the appropriate environment
        • Use the API id and secret as keys
  • Now the Social-ID endpoint should be ready to use.

How To Integrate with IBM Marketing Cloud

  • Follow all the steps to integrate Social-ID with IBM UBX, choosing Contact Update as event type on the Campaign Engine
  • On IBM Marketing Cloud
    • On Data tab
      • Optional → create a database if needed
        • Databases > Create
      • Click on a database then click on Show Additional Details to take note of the Database ID
      • Optional → add any of the following fields to the database: FirstName, LastName, WorkPosition, Company, PictureURL, Gender, RelationshipStatus, Birthday, CurrentLocation, Religion, Locale, Industry, SocialIDProfileURL
      • On Settings > Organization Settings > Application Account Access > Add Account Access
        • Set application to IBM Universal Behavior Exchange and add
        • Check e-mail for User Account Refresh Token and take note
  • On UBX
    • On Endpoints tab
      • Register a new IBM Engage endpoint
        • Use Account Refresh Token and Database ID as keys
    • On Events tab
      • Subscribe to Events
        • Select Social-ID > Contact Update event as source and IBM Engage as destination and subscribe
  • Anytime a login happens, it will now create/update a contact in the selected IBM Marketing Cloud database
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