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Some CoffeeBean APIs require OAuth 2.0 authentication instead of HTTP Basic.

In order to access them one needs first to request an access token through the Token Endpoint. Each access token has its own scope and allows a certain set of APIs.

At the moment, OAuth authenticated APIs require either Login User Token or Login App Token authentication. See Token Endpoint below to instructions on how to get each kind of token.

Please, refer to https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc6749 if you are not familiar with the OAuth 2.0 protocol.


Token Endpoint

Resource Grant Type Description
POST /oauth/token password Generates a new Login User Token given a combination of username/email_address and password.
POST /oauth/token provider_credentials Generates a new Login User Token given an OAuth token issued by an external provider.
POST /oauth/token provider_authorization_code Generates a new Login User Token given an OAuth2 authorization code issued by an external provider.
POST /oauth/token user_id Generates a new Login User Token given a user id.
POST /oauth/token client_credentials Generates a new Login App Token.
POST /oauth/token refresh_token Refreshes an access token, generating a new one.


Resource Description
GET login/user Returns user information, including his/her profile (if required).
POST login/users Creates a new user manually, given username and/or e-mail.
PUT login/user Updates username/e-mail/password information of an user.
POST login/users/reset_password_email Sends a reset password e-mail for a user given its username or e-mail.
PUT login/user/unlock Unlocks a user for login.

User Data

Resource Description
GET login/user/data Returns user custom profile information.
PUT login/user/data Updates user custom profile information.


Resource Description
POST push_notifications/devices Adds a new device to the Social Login App devices list.
POST login/user/push_notifications/devices Relates a device with a Social Login User.
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