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Account Creation

Social-ID Dashboard

  • Connect to your Social-ID account
  • On the top of the page, select Social Plugins and then Social Login
  • Click on New Social Login
  • Fill in the following fields:
    • Name (can be any name)
    • Callback URL (can be any URL)
  • Click on Next
  • Optional: take note of the only number that appears on the URL of the new page (/marketing/login/apps/NUMBER/widgets). You can use to access a ready-to-go landing page to test your social login application. In case you're using production environment, you can use instead.
  • Select which social networks you're interested in
  • On the top of the page, select Campaign Engine and then Campaigns
  • Click on New Campaign
  • In the session Select the Trigger, select one from below:
    • Profile Update (this will keep your contacts updated with whatever data is available on their social networks; whenever a profile is updated on the social network, your database will be updated with the most recent version of that profile)
      Profile Update trigger
    • Sign in (captures and updates social data only when users sign up or log in)
  • In the session Segment the Target, click on create a new list…. To send all contacts to IBM Marketing Cloud, leave the option All of the field Data Source selected
  • In the session Select the Channels, select the option IBM UBX Integration for Channel Type and choose one of two for UBX Event:
    • Connected with Social (to be used as a Universal Behavior)
    • Contact Update (updates contacts on the IMC database)
      IBM UBX Contact Update
  • After setting up your campaign, click Save at the end of the page
    • If you want to have multiple setups (to have Universal Behaviors and automatic contact updates at the same time, for example), you will need multiple campaigns. You can use the action Duplicate to create a copy of your current campaign and then use the Edit action to modify the relevant fields
  • Before you leave the dashboard, click on the arrow at the top right of the page
  • Select API
  • You will find two fields that you will need on UBX:
    • API Id (UBX's User ID during endpoint creation)
    • API secret (UBX's Password during endpoint creation)
  • Optional: you can go back to the Social Plugins > Social Login page, mouse over the Social Login you created and click Get code to find a snippet to be copied to your website or landing page

On Universal Behavior Exchange

  • Connect to your UBX account
  • Go to the Endpoints tab and then on Register new endpoint
  • On the window that pops up, find the option for Social-ID and the click Next
    Social-ID endpoint
  • Select the deployment according to your Social-ID account
  • Use the API Id and API secret you got from the Social-ID Dashboard as User ID and Password
  • You will receive a notification communicating your endpoint was successfully activated
  • Go to the Events tab and then on Subscribe to events
  • On the window that pops up:
    • On the left side select both events under Coffee Bean > Social_ID_Production, Connected to Social channel and Contact Update
    • On the right side select IBM > IBM Engage_IBM Engage Pod 0 (the name of the endpoint can vary slightly)
    • Click on Subscribe
  • Both solutions are now connected. Social-ID will automatically send to IBM Marketing the events you selected
    Event subscrition
  • Whenever a contact uses social login to access your website, app, Wi-Fi or any other system, this contact will be automatically inserted into your IBM Marketing Cloud database together with all data your app was given permission


This guide is translated freely from Como Conectar o Social-ID ao IBM Marketing Cloud

You can also find this guide in video form:


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