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Resource Description
GET login/info Validates the token given to the callback_url and returns login information.

Sign ins

Resource Description
GET login/sign_ins/:id Returns sign_in information.
POST login/apps/:app_id/sign_ins Creates a new sign_in given a user_id.
POST login/apps/:app_id/sign_ins/:provider Creates a new sign_in given a provider credential.


Resource Description
DELETE login/connections/:id Closes a connection (logout).
POST login/connections/:id Keeps the connection alive.
GET login/connections/:id Returns connection information.


Resource Description
GET login/users Returns all users or searches for users.
GET login/users/:user_id Returns user information, including his/her profile (if required).
GET login/users/:user_id/profile Returns the user profile (complete or partial).
PUT login/users/:user_id/token Generates a new token (user_token) for the user.
PUT login/users/:user_id/move_to/:target_id Moves the user data to another user and then removes user.
POST login/users Creates a new user manually, given username and/or e-mail.
PUT login/users/:user_id Updates username/e-mail/password information of a user.
POST login/users/:user_id/touch Force User to be updated.
DELETE login/users/:user_id Deletes a user.
GET login/users/find_by Finds a user by username, e-mail or reset password token
POST login/users/login Creates a sign in for a user given its password and username or e-mail.
PUT login/users/:user_id/activate Activates a user for login.
PUT login/users/:user_id/deactivate Deactivates a user for login.
PUT login/users/:user_id/unlock Unlocks a user for login.
POST login/users/reset_password/email Sends a reset password e-mail for a user given its username or e-mail.
POST login/users/reset_password/token Creates a reset password token for a user given its username or e-mail.
POST login/users/reset_password Resets the password for a user given a reset password token.
POST login/users/email_confirmation/email Sends an e-mail confirmation for a user given its username or e-mail.
POST login/users/email_confirmation/token Creates an e-mail confirmation token for a user given its username or e-mail.


Resource Description
GET login/users/:user_id/credentials Returns all User's credential.
POST login/users/:user_id/credentials/:provider Add a Social App credential to a User.
DELETE login/users/:user_id/credentials/:provider Removes a Social App credential from a User.

User Data

Resource Description
GET login/users/:user_id/data Returns user custom profile information.
PUT login/users/:user_id/data Updates user custom profile information.


Resource Description
POST login/users/:user_id/updates/facebook Posts a message to the user Facebook timeline.
POST login/users/:user_id/notifications/facebook Posts a Facebook notification to the user.
GET login/users/:user_id/friends/facebook Get Facebook user friends.

User Mac Address

Resource Description
POST login/users/:user_id/mac_addresses Creates a new mac address associated with a user.
DELETE login/users/:user_id/mac_addresses/:mac_address Deletes a mac address associated with a user.

User MPact Client

Resource Description
POST login/users/:user_id/mpact_client_ids Creates a new MPact client associated with a user.

Social Apps

Resource Description
GET login/apps/social_apps Returns all Social Apps from the Social Login App.


Resource Description
GET login/apps/clustering/rules Returns login app clustering rules.
PUT login/apps/clustering/rules Updates login app clustering rules.
GET login/users/:user_id/clustering/features Returns user clustering features.
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