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The completed social profile for a user contains the following fields and the respective social networks that provide the data for them:

Identifier Type Facebook Twitter Linkedin Google Instagram
about_me string
addresses array
birthday string
certifications * array
courses * array
current_location string
display_name string
educations array
emails array
gender string
hometown string
honors * string
ims array
industry * string
interested_in_meeting * array
interests * array
languages_spoken array
likes array
locale string
name hash
nickname string
organizations array
phone_numbers array
picture_url string
picture_urls hash
political_views * string
preferred_username string
professional_headline * string
profile_url string
providers hash
quotes array
relationship_status string
religion * string
significant_other * string
specialties * string
status string
updated string
urls array
utc_offset string
verified_account string
verified_email string

 * Legacy fields that were previously captured, but are no longer returned by any social network due to API updates.

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