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In order to enable social and traditional logins you need to configure a list of URLs that the users need to have access without being authenticated in the Wi-Fi network.

This list of URLs, called Walled Garden, can be configured based on domain names or IPs. The most effective configuration is based on domain names, once most of current social networks and applications use dynamic IPs and CDNs to deliver their services, which is very difficult to track all IPs ranges being used.


Walled Garden by domain names

Check if your vendor has full support to Walled Garden by DNS names. Some vendors accept domain names but resolve them to IP just once, which do not work for current applications using dynamic IP ranges.

The following list of domains includes the subdomains required to be whitelisted using the *. wildcard. Depending of your vendor, it may not be necessary to include the *. wildcard, adding just the domain already includes all its subdomains. Check your vendor specifications.

CoffeeBean Identity and Access Platform


Facebook Login


For some devices, such as iOS, the Facebook also loads URLs from Google domain. In order to prevent issues like "Error opening page" alerts that are showed on Apple CNA, you also needs to add the following Google domains:


Google Login

*.google.com.br (for Brazil deployments)

Twitter Login


LinkedIn Login


When the LinkedIn detects unusual login activity it may perform a security check using Google's reCAPTCHA solution. For these cases it's recommended to add the following domains to the walled garden also:


Instagram Login


Google Analytics




Also add the google.com domain for your country, for example: *.google.com.br (Brazil).

Bypass Apple CNA

Sometimes you want to bypass the Apple CNA (Captive Network Assistant) portal. Add the following urls to disable it:


Bypass Android Captive Portal Login

Sometimes you want to bypass the Android Captive Portal Login browser. Add the following domains to disable it:


Walled Garden by IP ranges

Important: the following list of IPs can change over time. You need to regularly check if new ranges were added or removed in order to keep all services working as expected. You can also inform us if any new IP range was added to a service by sending an email to support@socialidnow.com.

This list of IPs was generated based on the IP Address Blocks from public AS Numbers (ASN) of the following services. These ranges are very wide which can lead to security breaches or enabling unwanted services. In some cases you can restrict ranges to the ones used in your country.

CoffeeBean Identity and Access Platform

The CoffeeBean Platform can be used from different regions.

Consider one of the following lists according to your Captive Portal region deployment:

Production: South America (sa-east)

Production: Europe Central (eu-central)

Staging: United States (us-east)

Facebook/Instagram Login

Twitter Login

LinkedIn Login

Google Login
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