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The following guide was created using a Zyxel wireless network with the following components:

  • Controller: Zyxel Nebula (Build version: 20171020-113746)
  • AP: Zyxel NAP102



You if don't have a Site with registered APs yet, you need first to create a new one and then add your APs to the Inventory.

To create a new site you can go to "ORGANIZATION > Create site".

To add a new AP you can go to "SITE-WIDE > Add Device".

To see your devices Inventory you can go to "ORGANIZATION > Inventory".


Once you have your Site and APs configured, you can set up the SSID on "AP > Configure > SSIDs".

Just choose the "Name" for your SSID and follow the next steps for the Authentication and Captive Portal settings.


On this page you can also configure the "Rate limiting" if you want.


Go to "AP > Configure > Authentication" and select the SSID previously configured.


SSID Visibility

  • Visibility: you can keep the default value ("Broadcast this SSID") or configure as your preference
  • Schedule: you can keep the default value ("Always on") or configure as your preference

Network Access (RADIUS Server)

  • WLAN Security: choose "Open"
  • Captive Portal: choose "Sign-in on with My RADIUS server"
  • RADIUS server:
    • Host: the RADIUS server IP according to your environment/region
    • Port: 1812
    • Secret: the provided RADIUS client secret

Walled Garden

Allow CoffeeBean Platform URLs and social network URLs by configuring the Walled garden.

Turn the Walled garden on and add the entries according to Walled Garden for the Social Login URLs:


Captive Portal Access Attribute

  • Login on multiple client devices: you can keep the default value ("Multiple devices access simultaneously") or configure as your preference
  • Strict Policy: choose "Block all access until sign-on"

Captive Portal

Go to "AP > Configure > Captive portal" and select the SSID previously configured.

Set the following parameters:


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