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To follow these steps you will need an Apple account. If you don't have one you can sign up at the link:

And need to be enrolled with the Apple Developer Program, which you can afford at:

Create a New App

Access your Apple Developer Account:

And then, click at Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles.

Create an App ID

At Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles, go to Identifiers section and click to add a new Identifier.

Apple step 1 add indentifier.png

Select App IDs type:

Apple step 2 select as app id.png

Chose an App ID Prefix, at description fill with the name of your App ID and at bundle id add the reverse-domain of your page. At the following examples we are going to use a hypothetical site: mike.wazowski

Apple step 3 register app id.png

And at Capabilities, enable the Sign in With Apple

Apple step 4 enable sign in with apple.png

Click on Continue and then register your new App ID.

Add a Service ID

Again at the Identifiers section, click to add a new Identifier, and then select the Services IDs type.

Apple step 7 select services ids.png

Add at description the name of your service id, the Identifier is the OAuth client_id so, using the same bundle ID used at App ID creation, here we are going to add the suffix client.

Apple step 8 register service id.png

With the Sign in with Apple enabled for your Service ID, click at Configure and then, at Primary App ID, select the App ID created earlier.

Add your web domain and follow the instructions to verify the ownership.

At Return URLs, add the URL and then save the configuration.

Apple step 9 configure service sign in.png

Create a Private Key

At Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles, go to Keys section and click to add a new key.

Apple step 10 go to keys section.png

Add a name to your Key, and enable the Sign in With Apple.

Apple step 11 register a new key.png

Click once again to configure the Sign in With Apple, select the created App ID and then click to save the config. Click at Continue to create the Key.

Apple step 12 configure key sign in apple.png

Download the generated secret of your Key and get your Key ID

Create Custom Social Login App

Access your marketing account at Open the drop-down of your account and click on "Social Apps"

Go to social apps.png

Click on "Add a new Social App" and select Apple type.


Choose a name for your App, provide the Identifier of your Service ID as the Client ID, your Team ID and the id and secret of the generated key.

Apple step 16 fill credentials.png

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