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Module to manage the Connection Storage behaviour.

There are 4 types you can set the Connection Storage:

  • none: the Connection ID value will not be storaged, all the management will be directly did from the server-side.
  • cookie: the Connection ID value will be storaged at the browser as a Cookie.
  • localStorage: the Connection ID value will be saved as a Local Storage item.
  • sessionStorage: the Connection ID value will be saved as a Session Storage item.

To configure this module, use init function passing the desired parameters as listed below.


storageType optional Define how the Connection ID value will be stored at the browser. (see the description above). Can be "none", "cookie", "localStorage" or "sessionStorage". Default for Safari browser: "cookie". Default for other browsers: "none".
storageOptions optional A Javascript object containing additional parameters.
name optional Name of the cookie or the storage item. Default: "sidConnectionId".
path optional Path where the cookie will be saved. Default: "/".
sameSite optional SameSite behaviour for the cookie. Default: "Lax".
secure optional If the cookie will be delivered for TLS requests only. Default value based on current page protocol.
expires optional The expiration time (in days) of the cookie. Default: null (session expiration).


 socialid.connectionStorage.init({ storageType: "cookie", storageOptions: { sameSite: "None", secure: true } });
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